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27th January 2005

autopsy_scar5:42pm: Hello. new to the community, big fan of Burroughs, and beat writers/poetry in general.
Have any of you seen the nike commercial that burroughs did in 1994?

25th November 2004

didjagripweed5:10pm: alright. for my english language class I have to analyze a piece of persuasive writing and then write my own piece. The format could be...practically anything from a letter to a pamplet to a speech...so I wrote a speech to President Bush asking him to resign as president, but my teacher told me that what I wrote was more of a rant than anything politely persuasive. She suggested I rewrite it as a speech to anti-bush folks seeing as then I could go all out and bash the fucker to hell. So I'm writing a speech bashing Bush and my grade will be based on this. Problem is, I need a piece to analyze. Any ideas? The speech doesn't have to bash Bush, obviously, and preferably I'd rather it not be. Just a good speech, persuasive, roughly a thousand words. Any ideas? Anything by Thompson? I could, feasibly write an article instead of a speech..hm

14th November 2004

beatnique10:31am: hello I just joined the community!

I loved the book naked lunch, wasn't much of a fan of the movie.

I had the chance to hang with the burroughs in 1996, he told me to stay in school and keep off the junk?!@#

But anyway that's it for me
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29th September 2004


a painting by William S. Burroughs.Just founded it.

pet_virus9:37am: hello.
I have been a member of this community pretty long time, but i never said anything.
I thought i could say something now.
I like naked lunch, and i have been reading also some other william s burroughs books, and i like them..full of madnessssssss.
If someone wants to read my journal just tell me and i might add you.
Current Mood: blah

22nd September 2004

veruca_salt1:48pm: question for the quiet community

what would be your favorite piece of william s. burroughs' work?
Current Mood: curious

11th September 2004

freddy_englund4:59am: Hi, just joined. I'm Peter and I'm an addict to the works of Burroughs.

My first request to this the community is this:

Can someone give me a detailed description of how to do the cut up and fold in techniques as well as the tape recorder and photograph cut ups. I've read about how replaying negative sounds at a location produced horrific results, but no article or site explains what he did exactly. help? thanks.

16th March 2004

heathyrre6:47pm: Hi :)
Was looking around for Beat communities. Just read 'Junky' a couple months ago. I started out reading Beat poetry of Ferlinghetti, Levertov, Brautigan, whatever I could get my hands on. Progressed to books by Kerouac, and now I'm expanding and reading Burroughs (whom I adore) and whoever else I can find at my public library :)

So, hello and welcome to Me.
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5th July 2003

subterranean699:55pm: yeah...
the movie naked lunch is on comcast in demand. I want to read the book so should I watch the movie anyway? hmm, I'm torn. a little help, please... ; )
Current Mood: contemplative

31st May 2003

dissociate3:11pm: Hi,

I just joined. I've tried to finish Naked Lunch; I've read about 2/3 of it three times. I'll finish that last third one day...

I found this excerpt from an interview with J.E. Rivers in 1976.

Interviewer: The orgasm of the hanged man is a recurrent image in your work. Why does it fascinate you so?
Burroughs: It's a very old image. You find it in the whole concept of the Liebestod. It is very much a Nordic image. You find the actual practice of sacrificial hanging described in The Bog People by Professor Glob. I believe that was his name.

Interviewer: The Bog People by Glob? That sounds like an invented work.
Burroughs: No, no. I think the name is accurate. He talks about people they dug up out of the peat bog up in Denmark somewhere.

22nd April 2003

clomfliday10:34pm: since nobody seems to post here.
id just like to comment on how fucking good "The Wild Boys" is.

22nd January 2003

taishbynaght10:03pm: Indirect Popcorn

I'm new to the community. Burroughs is awesome. I imagine I'm not the only one that's seen the movie Naked Lunch. What an amazing flick, although I haven't been able to find it for a while now.

Have any of you heard of Richard Brautigan? He's considered to be the 'last beat writer'. I really enjoy his work, and his poetry is pretty out there.


A poem by Richard Brautigan....

Karma Repair Kit: Items 1-4

1. Get enough food to eat,
and eat it.

2. Find a place to sleep where it is quiet,
and sleep there.

3. Reduce intellectual and emotional noise
until you arrive at the silence of yourself,
and listen to it.

Current Mood: amused

18th November 2002

halotrickster4:17am: hey im new just joined, just wanna say just read naked lunch and it was great ..um the part where the boys could orgasm by being fucked in the ass was cool and someone told me it could really happen didnt know that ..... oh and im a big kurt cobain fan and i found ought awhile ago that one of his fav writers was burroughs and he met him and burroughs said he was a really nice guy but seemed to frown for no reason ..not the exact quote but something to that effect was said i thought that was realy cool bye

2nd August 2002

androgenius1:43pm: By Jove I Think It's Got Me
I figured out William S. Burrough's "Nova Express"... finally! That book had me so completely bewildered and I couldn't get into it because I was having a hard time understanding what it was about, plus it was making me feel inferior, because I am such a Burrough's junky (pardon the pun) and I could not get one of his books..... BUT I GOT IT I GOT IT I GOT IT!!! Now I can't wait to go home and read it. I have a new understanding of the parts I had read, and am excited to finish it. All it really took for me was realizing that The "Ticket that Exploded", "The Soft Machine" and "Nova Express" are all a trilogy, based on the same parrallellisms, and Nova Express is mostly just cut and paste of those works. I was previously aware of the latter, but it just took some time for me to realize the extent of it, and for the meanings behind it to sink in. Grrrrreat!!!!!!!

17th July 2002

h2bhc11:31am: Something from my collection
Photo's HereCollapse )
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13th July 2002

flyinghorses12:36pm: "if a friend came to visit- and they rarely did since who or what was left to visit- i sat there not caring that he had entered my field of vision- a grey screen always blanker and fainter- and not caring when he walked out of it. if he had died on the spot i would have sat there looking at my shoe waiting to go through his pockets. wouldn't you? because i never had enough junk- no one ever does."

21st June 2002

consumption8:58pm: It stood there, reptilian, no higher brain functions obviously. You can tell these guys by their smell, mostly. It's like a sewer with something almost sweet mixed in, a leprous child on a prom date smell. It's eyes groped at me, hungry, all thought bent on that one undefeatable instinct: Eat. They have to feed to survive, it starts with a tiny cartilidge needle extending from it's genitalia into the victims ear, flexible but sharp with a yellow tint like old shark bones. The needle injects an ecstatic substance somewhat like H but more powerful by many degrees of magnitude. Next a sort of jellifying acid spurts forth, turning the brain matter into an easily digestible sludge for sucking. The noises, the slurping, terrifying, bubbling noises... Reminds me of this time I saw a despicable young man by the name of Ken Kyoo try to give head to a horse. Ended up drowning in sickening amounts of horse semen, poor bastard had no way to know that this was a prize breeder...

Enough of that, though. Burroughs is probably one of the top five american writers ever, and I like the fact that relatively few people really know about him. A friend of mine does a radio show occasionaly, last time I got to be on... I read an excerpt from "The Western Lands", can't remember what... but I did it in a Christopher Walken accent. Strange times, we live in, where they let people like me on the radio...

I read "The Adding Machine" a few weeks ago, it's a collection of essays and rants, some amazing material. The first time I got a chance to really peruse his non-fiction style of writing. What an intelligent man.

Hi there. Have a nice day.
flyinghorses2:50pm: does anyone else like the movie drugstore cowboy
i figured id mention it cuz i love william burroughs as the heroin addict priest at the end
great movie

and.. where are you guys all from?


9th June 2002

billie05:00pm: Hello. I'm a huge fan of Burroughs too. Have a few of his books. Junkie is a favourite.
Current Mood: artistic
flyinghorses3:43pm: i find this to be the coolest thing
cut up machine
you put words in and it cuts it up for you
haha its great
flyinghorses3:40pm: hi, im keeley & i maintain this community .. you can talk about pretty much whatever you want, i just wanted to gather a bunch of cool people together who like william burroughs haha, so just be nice to each other i guess
if anyone ever joins
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